Drew Chadwick Makes a Move That’ll Change Emblem3 As We Know It

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It's an emotional day for fans of Emblem3 as Drew Chadwick's making a move that'll change the group dynamic as we know it… forever. In a shocking announcement, the trio stated that DC is leaving E3. Yes, Keaton and Wesley Stromberg will still continue on as Emblem3 (or Emblem2, maybe?), but Drew is officially out. Here, read part of the guys' note:

"While we regret sharing this news, we as a group need to share that Drew has decided to move forward in pursuit of his solo career and will no longer be with Emblem3 or joining us on The Fireside Story Sessions. We're sad to see Drew go but he will always be our brother, and we couldn't be happier for him as he starts his new journey as a solo artist."

The message continues, "If you’d like to stay updated on Drew's solo album and news tune into Drew's Twitter/Instagram and his YouTube channel for an announcement on June 27th regarding his new album. Drew sends hugs out to all the Emblems."

Multiple tweets went out on all of the E3 social media accounts, including:

All very bittersweet, but we're looking forward to what Keaton, Wesley AND Drew churn out in the future. #E3Forever

In better days, Emblem3 told us all about the #BandLife tour:

My Day. My Life. Emblem3