Live From New York… It’s Our Dream SNL Hosts

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If Lindsay Lohan can do it, anyone can, right? I’m so happy Saturday Night Live went well for Linds last week and the ratings were high, but seriously? The girl was reading cue cards, she couldn’t land a joke and the only sketch that was funny was pre-taped (The Real Housewives of Disney. U. Must. Watch). If the folks at SNL were willing to give LiLo a second chance, I think there are a bunch of other peeps we’d like to see in the  SNL spotlight, ASAP. And PS, don’t forget to watch tonight with Jonah Hill as host!

Lea Michele is bursting with talent — let’s just hope the SNL studio can contain it. If you’ve seen her Glee audition video you know the girl has got more bite than Rachel Berry. Bring it on, Target Lady!

Lea Michele Singing the National Anthem

Taylor Kitsch is more than just a hot guy in a loin cloth. The guy is funny, and yes, he will look great in a loin cloth for every sketch… just an idea.

Taylor Kitsch Shirtless


Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber. How about a little couple hosting with Jelena? It’s time to welcome the younger generation to SNL and I can’t think of a better way. Monologue duet? High School Musical sketch? So many possibilities.

Nick Jonas sings, dances and has great hair. Not a necessity, but still nice. I see a sketch about purity rings and hot Australian singers in his future.

Splash News

Snooki is a walking, talking SNL skit, so imagine what she’d be like with some writers behind her. I’d welcome a “Really!! With Seth & Snooki” news update. Really, I would.

Britney Spears was an awesome host on SNL in her heyday and she can do it again. I’d love to see a more mature Brit get up on that stage and show off how she’s still got it. I bet she’d make a great Christina Aguilera in sketch of The Voice.


Brad Goreski has the best one-liners, and that’s hard to do on Bravo! If you’ve seen even ten minutes of It’s A Brad, Brad World you know he can cry on cue too, and for some reason even his crying is funny. Any chance Rachel Zoe would make a cameo for the monologue?

Kristen Bell proudly showed off her happy birthday sloth video on The Ellen Show, proving she is one hilarious girl. Oh, and she can totally sing. Come on, Andy Samberg, get started on her rap song.

Zac Efron was pretty hot as a teen, but if you caught him in the movie New Year’s Eve you know grown up Zac is not only smokin’, but he’s also crazy stupid talented. Bring on the monologue about dropping a condom on the red carpet. We’ll all be watching.


Sophia Grace Brownlee & Rosie might have to ask their parents for permission to stay up past their bed times, but wouldn’t you tune in!?

Just Jared Jr.

Who’s your dream SNL host? Which of these would be the funniest skits? Be sure to dish below

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