17 Drake Views Memes That’ll Make You LOL More Than You Should

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“One Dance!” “Hotline Bling!” “Too Good!” The killer songs on Drake’s new album Views have kept people talking since it came out at the end of Apri. But while the music is obviously the CD’s best feature for most, many of our fave Internet trolls have taken the unique cover art and turned it into one of the funniest memes we’ve seen in quite some time. Bless Photoshop and bless those who know how to work it, because without ’em we’d never have these incredible pics!

1. When brands get in on the Drake trend:


3. Everyone knows who won this war:


4. O-M-G!!!!


5. What would happen if Drake playedThe Legend of Zelda:


6. Welp, Lupita’s Met Gala hair was a good view…

7. NGL, we’re still looking…

8. #DrakeProblems:

9. Drake will always have a bit of Wheelchair Jimmy in his heart.

10. What are you doing here, Jay Z?

11. It’s meme-ception!

12. Now THIS would’ve been the greatest selfie of all time:

13. RT RT RT RT!

14. We’re still very conflicted:


16. They did always have a bit of thing…

17. True.

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