WTF?! One of Your Favorite Former Nickelodeon Actors Arrested for DUI

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It’s absolutely no secret that former Nickelodeon has-been star Drake Bell and Justin Bieber aren’t the best of friends. Actually, the two have thrown shade at each other so often that we’ve lost count of all their cat fights Twitter feuds. In today’s ironic twist, however, the former Drake & Josh actor was arrested on charges of drunk driving, a.k.a. the same awful thing The Biebs was arrested for in 2014.

According to TMZ, the 29 year old was pulled over in Glendale, California, after he was seen “swerving and speeding after abruptly stopping at a red light.” When cops got up to his car, they smelled alcohol and had him take a field sobriety test, which he failed. Drake was arrested and taken to jail for 10 hours before being bailed out for $20,000.

Let us say this first: Driving while under the influence is NEVER something to joke about at all because of all the lives that are put in danger. Yet what makes the Nick star’s arrest even more controversial than other stars’ mishaps of the past is the fact that he dragged JB through the mud when it was him who got arrested, even encouraging his fans to sign a petition to we should send him back to Canada (eh?). ICYMI, here’s the Tweet:

Now, just a year later, looks like he’s sitting in the driver’s seat. So, it seems like the “Sorry” singer gets the last laugh, after all. The second half of 2014 JB has been on literal FIRE, and there’s no denying that his “comeback year” has been pretty successful so far. Where Justin — dare we say it — seems to have done a little maturing (minus his thirst for Selena Gomez), Drake is still the same immature tool he’s always been.

Beliebers everywhere have used this as the perfect opportunity to re-hatch some old feelings via Twitter:

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