Aaron Carter Joins Drake Bell in His Justin Bieber Jealousy Rant

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Tumblr (rubbersoulrevolution)

Drake Bell's not the only one seeing green when he looks at Justin Bieber; Aaron Carter proved that he's also mega-jealous of the 20-year-old star after meeting up with his pal, Drake.

Cute, right? Well, it was until Aaron wrote back to DB. In a since-deleted tweet, the "I Want Candy" singer said, "I think I just need to punch @justinbieber in his face and then he will go back to normal. @DrakeBell lol." And then…

Oh yeah, and one more:

The major difference here, though, is that rather than diss the Biebs then play fake-nice with him after (a la Drake), Aaron acknowledged his own reckless behavior:

So, that's that. WDYT of Aaron's rant? Whose side are you on in all of this nonsense? Go ahead, tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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