The Meaning Behind Dove Cameron & Ryan McCartan’s Band Name is So Cray

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Now that you’ve had a sufficient amount of time to process The Girl and the Dreamcatcher‘s “Glowing in the Dark” music video — wasn’t it amazing, guys?? — it’s time to focus on the duo’s members themselves, Disney Channel’s reigning couple Dove Cameron & Ryan McCartan.

After the release of the pair’s second single, the follow-up to 2015’s “Written in the Stars,” we caught up with the Liv and Maddie stars to chat all about what’s to come from them as a band, as well as individually. And, let us tell you, you WON’T be disappointed. For starters, according to the happy couple, “We’re really hoping to release an EP this year! We’ve been writing a LOT of music, and we want to share it all with our Dreamcatchers ASAP.”

For reference sake, we HAD to ask about the inspiration behind their unique name. “It was very much a joint effort,” they said. “Between us and many other creative minds. We ended up landing on The Girl and the Dreamcatcher because it’s half simple, half totally-left-field. We wanted to find a name that highlighted exactly who we are as a duo without it being too easy.”

But if you thought new music was all they have in store, you’d be dead wrong. It’s recently been announced that Ryan’s tapped to star in the upcoming live adaptation of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, opposite Victoria Justice! While you’d think he’d be feeling serious pressure, that’s surprisingly NOT the deal. “No pressure at all,” he claimed. “The original Rocky Horror will always be the original. We’re not trying to make something better; we aren’t rewriting the story — we’re just retelling it. Not a new book, just another chapter. It’s so exciting!”

“I’ll definitely be dancing,” he added. “There’s no doubt about that. Most of the dancing I’ll be doing is in heels, so… there’s a pretty serious learning curve there.”

Of course, we couldn’t let Dove get away without dishing on Liv and Maddie. “There is SO much going on with the end of the third season,” the blonde beauty revealed. “Our showrunners/writers got extra crazy for these last few. I wish I could tell you anything concrete, but unfortunately, you’ll just have to wait and see… I can say: LOTS of romance, more literal drama than we’ve ever had. Emotion’s running crazy high for both girls. And then a surprise ending I don’t think anyone is expecting. Get your popcorn ready!”

Rewatch Dove Cameron & Ryan McCartan (a.k.a. The Girl and the Dreamcatcher) in the “Glowing in the Dark” music video here:

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