Here’s Why Fans Think Dove Cameron is Dating One of Her Female Co-Stars

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Dove Cameron‘s October 2016 breakup with longtime love Ryan McCartan came as a total shock. The co-stars from Disney Channel’s Liv and Maddie got engaged less than six months prior — what went wrong? According to the 23-year-old male singer, it was his now-21-year-old ex who “decided this relationship isn’t what she wants.” Hey, it happens. Better off knowing now than after the walk down the aisle, right?

Since then, it seems like everyone’s become obsessed with the platinum blonde’s personal life, particularly her whole dating situation. Like when she was spotted locking lips with her Hairspray Live co-star, Garrett Clayton, days before the show’s broadcast — people freaked the eff out, and it was, apparently, only for rehearsal! So you can bet that when she posted a video of herself kissing another co-star, totally NOT on set, fans went absolutely crazy.

On January 15, Dove rang in her 21st birthday. As part of the celebratory weekend, she went to Las Vegas with her pal from the 2014 Disney Channel Original Movie Cloud 9, 23-year-old Kiersey Clemons, and the two got coordinating ink:

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But that’s far from all they did — the two Disney alums also held hands, as evidenced in separate snapshots, and even shared a smooch on Snapchat:

While this could simply be a peck between two best friends — ’cause celeBFFs kiss each other just ’cause all the time — Dove’s Twitter likes suggest otherwise:

Dove liked every single one of those posts. Sure, she could be trolling… but it could also mean something more. What do you think, guys??
Dove & Ryan make up one pair of a bunch of couples that broke up after a short engagement: