Dove Cameron Trolls Herself with Hannah Montana-Inspired Twitter Joke

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Dove Cameron is beautiful, talented and — as we learned thanks to a recent tweet — has no problem making a joke at her own expense.

Over the weekend, a hilarious parody Twitter account tweeted out, “According to reports, Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus did not get along while shooting their Disney channel show. Witnesses claim they refused to shoot scenes together which is why there were never scenes of both of them in one place at the same time…shocking & upsetting.”

Obviously this is a joke because Miley Cyrus played both characters on Hannah Montana, but MiCy isn’t the only person to portray two characters on a show on Disney Channel. Dove Cameron, better known as the star of Liv and Maddie, saw the joke and decided to add her own twist.

The 22-year-old replied to the tweet writing, “Honestly I hear this was a big problem with the actresses who played Liv & Maddie too, but the writers threatened a lawsuit if they couldn’t figure it out #drama.”

Like the 25-year-old, Dove obviously portrayed both Liv AND Maddie on her show. Tons of fans got in on the joke, with one asking, “Is this why we never see them together in real life?” Another replied, “Rumor has it one of them was a hologram.”

LOL! Life should never be taken too seriously, ya know?