The Moment That Has Fans Thinking Dove Cameron Moved on with Another Co-Star

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One of the most shocking celebrity breakups of 2016 was definitely the split between Dove Cameron & Ryan McCartan. The 20-year-old and 23-year-old Disney Channel stars got engaged in April 2016, after nearly 3 years of dating. But the dream was short-lived. Nearly 6 months later, at the beginning of October 2016, The Girl and the Dreamcatcher was no more.

“Dove has decided this relationship isn’t what she wants,” Ryan wrote on Twitter to confirm the news. “We still love each other very much. Please be sensitive, as this is painful. I love you all. Thanks for keeping me up.”

Perhaps this is a good thing, though, ’cause the Liv and Maddie actress may’ve moved one with another Disney Channel star, and people are already shipping the pair!

Recently, a video, featuring Dove and her Hairspray Live co-star, Garrett Clayton, kissing — hard:

While this could simply be part of a rehearsal for the upcoming show, as the backdrop is clearly part of the musical’s set, the 25-year-old Teen Beach Movie alum and the blonde beauty seem really into it. So, naturally, the Internet is going NUTS:

So far, there’s no word on whether or not Dovett, as fans are already calling the duo, is a ~thing~. But you can bet that their characters, Link Larkin & Amber Von Tussle, are gonna have incredible chemistry, at the very least.
Dove & Ryan make up one pair of a bunch of couples that broke up after a short engagement: