All the Auditions That Didn’t Go Quite the Way Dove Cameron Had Planned

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After four incredible seasons on the Disney Channel, Liv and Maddie comes to an end TOMORROW freakin’ night and we truly aren’t prepared. “I’ve actually been working on [the show] for five years, though it’s only been on the air for four — that’s a long time when you’re young,” the show’s star, Dove Cameron, recently said about her time playing the Rooney twins. “You’re just never prepared for it to end, and to get there is surreal. I don’t know how to process it. It’s really sad. I couldn’t have asked for a better cast and we’re going to keep in touch…it’s one of those lifelong friends…family, really.”

As much as the 21-year-old’s breakout role on DC was destiny, it took some road bumps to get there. While a lot of actors get denied parts they desperately want, Dove’s ~wonky~ auditions were more like roller coasters than complete fails. Now that Liv and Maddie is over, we’re sure the blonde will have many more opportunities to try out for other TV series, movies, plays, etc., which unfortunately means more legit failures are inevitable.

1. Amber Von Tussle, Hairspray Live! — Dove seemed like the perfect choice to play Hairspray Live!‘s mean girl, but executives weren’t always convinced that she was best fit. “They said they couldn’t offer me the role because I was going off to do Descendants 2 and I was going to miss too much rehearsal time,” she told JustJaredJr. about the casting process. “They didn’t feel safe letting me do something live with that little rehearsal time.”

The 21-year-old actress was very upset and “fought and fought and went back and forth” until she finally got another chance to prove she could do both roles.

“Then I went to go see Hamilton in New York while I was promoting my EP. The night I saw Hamilton, I had five missed calls from my reps. And they said, ‘Alright, they want to see you one more time for a dance audition, and then they are prepared to really offer you the role.’ I walked out of Hamilton and flew back to L.A. the next morning. I got three hours of sleep, and then I went in to audition for choreographer Jerry Mitchell. I was so nervous because I’m not a dancer, I’m much [more] an actor and singer. After the audition, Jerry said, ‘Alright, I’ll see you at the table read on Monday.’ So that was one of the most scary moments of my life.”

2. Mattie Ross, True Grit — Before Dove was known as one of Disney’s hottest stars, she was just a young girl who loved movies and decided to audition for a film on a whim. “The first and only thing I went out for when I lived in Seattle was True Grit,” she said. “I had no training and I didn’t even have a headshot.”

Despite her lack of experience, the part “ended up coming down to Hailee [Steinfeld], who got the role, one other girl, and [Dove].” While DC didn’t get the role that landed Hailee an Oscar nomination, it was after that audition that her parents decided to move the whole family out to Los Angeles so she could seriously pursue her acting career. Everything happens for a reason!

3. Alanna, Liv and Maddie — While Dove was always going to be a part of this Disney Channel show, she originally thought it was going to be in a much different capacity. According to IMDB, the 21-year-old was initially set to play just one character named Alanna (who doesn’t exist on the current show, BTW) on a series that was supposed to be about a step family learning how to live together (think The Brady Bunch). In fact, the 21-year-old wasn’t even meant to have the show revolve around her!! “I didn’t audition to play the twin; I only auditioned to play one person,” Dove explained. “It was a completely different show in the beginning. I played one girl named Alanna who is neither Liv nor Maddie, and she didn’t have a twin — there were no twins.”

While DC was initially “terrified” to play two characters and “let Disney down,” she now sees the experience as the “best acting exercise, the best education, and the most life-changing thing.”

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