6 Disney Channel Actresses Who Could Totally Play Dove Cameron’s Twin

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Dove Cameron is a beautiful young woman. Some might call her a young Cameron Diaz… or even a combination of Amanda Seyfried & Miranda Kerr. No matter which way you put it, they’re all beautiful. Heck, the Disney Channel star even has a bunch of beautiful cartoon lookalikes.

But did you know that the almost-21-year-old has a bunch of doppelgangers with roots stemming from the same television network? Like, they’re so similar, one of ’em could’ve gotten away with playing Liv or Maddie opposite Dove rather than herself!

1. Peyton List — Cover their eyes — you’ll notice it then.

2. Olivia Holt — Did you know that they’re besties, too?

3. Emily Osment — OMG, we see it.

4. AJ Michalka — She is!

5. Stefanie Scott — Their face shapes are identical.

6. Audrey Whitby — Oh snap!

15 things you didn’t know about Dove Cameron: