11 Sexy Celebrities Who Totally Caught Dove Cameron’s Attention

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Disney Channel

Disney Channel

Despite the fact that Disney Channel’s Dove Cameron is officially off the market , it seems like we can’t go a week without someone famous declaring their love for the Descendants star on social media. Since we’re also obsessed with with the blonde beauty, we love to hear that the “I Love Dove” club is steadily growing. Considering her large body of work on the Disney Channel, her starring role in Hairspray Live! and her brief role on Shameless, it’s safe to say Dove is drawing in a versatile fanbase.

While Dove may be the apple of everyone else’s eyes — she’s def crushing on some hotties herself! Both guys and girls, Dove never hesitates to preach her love for a fellow star, finding herself enamored frequently. From co-stars to TV show hosts and even… cartoons? Here are 11 Hollywood babes who caught Dove’s attention: