Dove Cameron Apologizes for Harsh Response to Fan’s Obsession with Her

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Dove Cameron is one of the sweetest people in Hollywood. Though she’s more than willing to go OFF on anyone who dares to talk smack about her relationship with boyfriend Thomas Doherty, the Descendants actress is one of the rare stars who likes to engage with her fans whenever possible. That’s why it was so surprising to hear that she was in hot water following an exchange with one of her fans right before the weekend.

On Friday, July 6, one of the 22-year-old star’s fans tweeted:

“Honestly my goal rn in life is for you to notice me”

True to Dove form, she responded — but the response wasn’t what people expected. In a since-deleted tweet, the Liv and Maddie alum said:

“that’s a very small and unimportant life goal. and maybe if i notice you you will realize how unfulfilling that is and turn your phone off because celebrities don’t matter. GO FIND YOURSELF IN NATURE AND CREATE YOUR OWN LIFE PHILOSOPHY. aim higher, babe.”

dove cameron apologizes

Twitter (@dovecameron)

Dove fans went CRAZY on Twitter, creating the hashtag #DoveCameronIsOverParty and calling her canceled. But the blonde beauty says it was all a misunderstanding:

hey all! i truly truly didn’t mean to say anything earlier that hurt feelings. i love love, and i want everyone to feel that love for themselves! sometimes i see celebrity culture and think it encourages something a bit insidious, and i talk about that a lot! i definitely see how my words seemed harsh. i meant them as loving! i put things very bluntly sometimes, because that’s just how i think & like to be communicated with! but i always communicate with the intention of my fans loving themselves, not the opposite! i’m blind to how things sound sometimes.

Fellow Disney Channel alum Bella Thorne totally understands where Dove’s coming from, and responded to D’s apology, saying:

I see where you coming from bb also everything comes off…different when written and not said:) and I agree ❤️

And there are no hard feelings from the OG fan herself, as she’s come to Dove’s defense and has even had a couple back-and-forth exchanges with the celebrity since the original tweet:

You can all go home now.