Like Selena, This Disney Star Was Suffering from a Secret Mental Disorder

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Anxiety is taking over Hollywood. In recent weeks, Selena Gomez announced that she’s taking a break due to “anxiety, panic attacks and depression,” all of which are side effects of her battle with lupus, Camila Cabello left a Fifth Harmony show early because her anxiety kicked in, Zayn Malik was forced to cancel an upcoming performance because he of “extreme anxiety,” Lauren Jauregui had a breakdown in the middle of a performance… We know a lot of people say they have anxiety, but there’s a difference between being stressed and anxious sometimes, and struggling with a lifelong mental disorder. Sadly, another Disney Channel star says she’s part of the latter group.

According to Liv & Maddie‘s Dove Cameron, she, too, has anxiety. When asked, point-blank, if she has the disorder, she did not hold back:

In fact, unlike a lot of other stars, who try to keep the public in the dark about their health problems, the 20-year-old actress was quite open about it:

She WANTS it to be a conversation:

So, how does she deal with hers?

As far as she knows, anxiety has always been a part of her life:

And she feels like it’s helped shape her:

Dove Cameron’s not the only female star with anxiety struggles. All of these talents explained how they suffer from one of the worst side effects of the disorder, panic attacks: