7 Times Douglas Booth Was a Perfect British Dreamboat

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It's Monday so you know what that means — Man Crush Monday! And the latest fella bestowed with this honor is none other than Douglas Booth. The British chap has had a lot going on over the last six months. In addition to playing Romeo in the big screen adaptation of Romeo & Juliet, he's also about to star in another epic movie — this time it's a retelling of the Biblical tale, Noah.

Featuring an all star cast — Oscar winner Russell Crowe, Emma Watson, Jennifer Connelly, and more — it's a visually stunning adaptation of the tale of Noah's Ark that is sure to have many talking. Noah hits theaters on March 28, which is why we thought we'd elect Douglas for this week's Man Crush Monday. To see seven times he was a perfect British dreamboat, scroll below!

1. That time he look phenomenal in a suit.


2. That time he played Romeo.


3. That time he modeled for Burberry.


4. That time he proved he looks just as good with long hair as he does with short hair in his Noah poster.


5. That time he was part of the star-studded Posh movie cast. (He's second from the left if you couldn't tell.)


6. That time he even made Miley Cyrus swoon (in the movie LOL).


7. That time Douglas joked about being Catfished.

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