If You Like Double Dream Hands, You’ll Love Double TEEN Hands! (Or Not.)

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Ever get to that point during winter when the freezing weather gives you major cabin fever and causes you to do crazy and/or stupid things? Yeah, it’s that time of year for us. Earlier, we professed our love for the “Double Dream Hands” video, and now we’re taking our unhealthy obsession to a whole other level.

We took a brief break from blogging about Bieber, Selena, and the rest of your faves to make our own version of “Double Dream Hands”—but this time, we added some groundbreaking, high-budget, Avatar-worthy extra special effects!!! OK, we really just added some sparkles and butterflies and…well, you’ll just have to watch for yourself. That’s right, we’re sharing our masterpiece with you, our loyal Teen.com readers, because we don’t take ourselves too seriously (remember that part about Bieber?) and neither should you.

And now, for your viewing pleasure, we proudly present to you, “Double TEEN Hands!”

Watch the original “Double Dream Hands” video right here!