Do You Want Chuck & Blair Back Together? Dorota Does

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As if we weren’t already excited enough for tonight’s Gossip Girl (which has been called “the best episode yet!”), Dorota revealed some secrets straight from the set. Well, kinda. When asked who she wants Blair to end up with, Zuzanna Szadkowski, better known as the Upper East Side’s beloved Dorota, ‘fessed up to being Team Chuck! (And we are too, obvi.)

“As a fan of the show, I really like Chuck and Blair together and it’s so true to the nature of their relationship that there’s an ebb and flow, that they come crashing together and then get pulled apart… This whole season I’ve been riveted,” Dorota Zuzanna told BuzzSugar.

Any guesses who Dorota wants Serena to date?

Zuzanna also said: “I don’t know! Definitely from Dorota’s point of view, I think what’s going on with Serena is pretty confusing! It’s harder to keep track of Miss Serena’s life than Miss Blair’s. I don’t know who she should pick of those two; as a fan, I think maybe there’s somebody exiting we haven’t met yet.”

Read the whole interview here! Who do you want Blair and Serena to fall in love with? Chuck? Dan? Nate? A new guy? Sound off now!