The Don’ts of Going to a One Direction Concert (Based on the MetLife Show)

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Tumblr (mariamartinez209)

Tumblr (mariamartinez209)

In case you didn’t get a chance to see the excitement on our Instagram, we went to one of One Direction‘s shows this week! That’s right, we got to see your favorite fivesome AND 5 Seconds of Summer at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ for the group’s Where We Are world tour. Oh yeah, and we got ~*fLoOr SeAtS*~. NBD.

Anyway, while we totally appreciated everything from the band’s label, as well as the guys themselves because obvi, we learned a few don’ts from this once-in-a-lifetime experience (despite this being, like, the MILLIONTH time we’ve seen ’em perform. #humblebrag)…

1. DON’T sit next to an adult. You might think you’re better off NOT sitting standing next to a girl who’s going to scream her head off, but in actuality, adults can be even worse. Based on personal experience, you could end up next to a woman who drinks, smokes — yes, SMOKES — and looks around as if she’s better than everyone in the entire stadium. Merp.

2. DON’T go right after you’ve gotten your wisdom teeth taken out. While this may seem like a huge DUH to everyone, you’ve gotta understand — this was a complimentary show. That means the opp to see One Direction for free, people! HOW COULD ANYONE PASS THAT UP?! The downside, though, is the pain you’ll feel afterward from belting out “C’mon, C’mon” like nobody’s business. Not the smartest decision.

3. DON’T spend hours getting ready. Try all you want to get your hair perfect, but you will, in fact, sweat your butts off from the sheer amount of people packed into one place. Mix that in with even the most minimal of movements from jamming out to 1D, and you’ve got yourself a hot mess.

4. DON’T wear anything uncomfortable. Tight crop tops paired with denim cutoffs, long sleeves and jeans… Just remember to see the issues above. Oh yeah, and chances are the guys won’t be able to see you. We repeat, the guys WON’T BE ABLE TO SEE YOU. If they do, it’s for a split second. So if you’re trying to win them over with your cute outfit, it’s a huge waste.

5. DON’T wear heels. This goes along with 3 & 4, but we wanted to make another point. With the amount of walking you’ll have to do from the car to the arena up the stairs to your seat etc. etc. etc., is it really worth the blisters?

6. DON’T try to get there right on time. A better idea: Plan to get there literally hours ahead, otherwise you’ll be stuck looking at the arena from a distance for a minimum of a half hour in bumper-to-bumper traffic.

MetLife Stadium So Close Yet So Far

7. DON’T bring a book to read. Yes, we saw that too. If you’re really gonna be that bored, give someone else your ticket. (Parents, we’re looking at you.)

8. DON’T bring a sign. They’re plenty amusing (especially when they say dirty things), but they piss off everyone behind you. Same goes for if you plan on standing on your seat. Learn to be considerate, please!

Harry Hit Me with Your Balls

9. DON’T forget to charge your phone. If we had, we wouldn’t have been able to capture this beautiful moment:

10. DON’T leave right when the show ends. If you’re the biggest Directioner in the world and wanna savor every single second you get to see One Direction IRL with your own eyes, yes, you stick it out until the boys are done with the final song in the encore — in this case, it was “Best Song Ever” — but if you have school/work the next day (like we do), sneak out two songs before the very end. There’s no one on the road!

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