24 Beyond Hilarious Memes from Hillary Clinton & Donald Trump’s Second Debate

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If you thought the memes that came out of the first presidential debate were funny, just wait until you see the results from the second. Between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump basically karaoking together, the audience’s not-so-subtle facial expressions and everything about Ken Bone, we think it’s pretty safe to say that debate number two definitely won the Internet. As you impatiently wait for the third and final meeting between the presidential candidates on October 19, check out the most amazing meme’s from last night’s town hall.

1. Did we just find the new Petty Skai Jackson?

2. Mmmmmkay…


4. Cue the music!

5. How long until this is made into a horror movie?

6. Maybe Trump and Clinton are more into country music?

7. *covers eyes*

8. We could hear Obama’s laughter from here…

9. Where did the time go?


11. *sighhhhhhh*

12. Must. Find. Something. Positive.

13. WTF?!?!?!

14. We could totes see Trump and Clinton jammin’ to this Camp Rock classic.

15. Or this one!


17. Hillary is all of us.

18. #KenBone2020

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19. Something seems a little fishy here…

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20. This basically sums up the whole debate.

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21. What a gem.

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22. Ken Bone, asking the important questions.

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23. *waits forever*

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24. They ARE #young and #relatable, so…

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