Shadowhunters Star Explains Why the Show is More Successful Than the Film

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The Mortal Instruments novels by Cassandra Clare are some of the best YA fantasy books ever, so when it was announced that the TMI: City of Bones was getting the big-screen treatment in 2013 we couldn’t have been more excited. Unfortunately, the movie didn’t live up the hype and left fans disappointed AF. Only a year after the movie release, however, it was announced that the story was getting another shot with a new TV show, Shadowhunters. After an amazing first season, the gang will be back together again for season two, proving that television was the best way to tell the stories Cassandra created.

We caught up with one of our our current celeb crushes, Dom Sherwood, who brings Jace Wayland to life every week on the small screen. The actor is gearing up for the release of his new movie, Billionaire Ransom, but in the meantime spilled on what it’s like to be back for season two of the Freeform drama, why he thinks the movie was received so poorly, and tons more.

“At its base level, I think these stories lend themselves to become a TV show more than a movie just because there are so many elements to them,” he said. “The tag line of the show is, ‘All the legends and stories are true; they all exist.’ To have such a diverse spectrum and to try to cover it in an hour and a half in a movie is extremely hard to do. In season one we have thirteen hours to explain that werewolves and vampires exist and give the backstory. It’s all about time — we are able to explain everything. Its such a mixed bag, there are fans out there who loved the movie and I understand that, but I see it as every fan in the movie has made way for new fans to come in to become fans of the show.”

But just because Shadowhunters is doing well right now doesn’t mean the 26-year-old wants his character and storylines to plateau.

“Selfishly as an actor, I would always like to see my character step out of [his] comfort zone, to make it more of a challenge for me. It’s fun to see where the books are and the direction we’re taking, I don’t want to give anything away, but I’m very excited to get on the stage and perform for the fans and for the people who love the show. There are some really exciting parts coming up with Jace that fans are going to be excited to see.”

When season one wrapped, Dom kept busy and landed a role in the upcoming action-thriller Billionaire Ransom. Focused on a rebellious rich kids who are sent to a reforming school in Scotland who then have to defend themselves after the campus is taken hostage by criminals who are holding them for ransom, the Brit had to do some intense training.

'Day off' = Jace training day

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“It was very different training than Shadowhunters, more individual for the movie. Archery was a big one because my character was an archer. I trained in that quite heavily which was really fun and the rest of the training was not something I was expecting. They put us in the woods, the six of us, with an instructor and we kind of just had to survive. We had to build shelter, find water, start a fire and just live. We were out there for about five days.”

The only way we would ever be okay with being stuck in the woods for five days is if Dom and his Gossip Girl alum co-star Ed Westwick were there to protect us. Can we get an ‘amen?!’

Dom has been working non-stop over the past few years and he doesn’t intend to quit any time soon. He first landed on our radar was when he starred alongside Sarah Hyland in Vampire Academy, which obviously sparked something between the two because they are currently one of the cutest couples in Hollywood. Even after guest starring on an episode on Sarah’s show, Modern Family, Dom wants to continue to work with his GF on camera.

“I would absolutely love to work with Sarah again in the future,” Dom said. “I love the way she works, her passion and how hard she works. She inspires me to be a better version of me, and I think you need people like that in your life so you’re always evolving and pushing yourself. She is just incredible.”

While we all wait for our fave couple to reunite on the big screen, don’t forget to see two of our fave British actors hit the big screen when Billionaire Ransom releases on August 19, and reenter the Shadowhunters world in early 2017!


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