How Vampire Academy Helped Dom Sherwood Prepare For Shadowhunters

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If there’s one new show you should be watching, it should be Shadowhunters. Freeform’s (formerly ABC Family) first original series of the year is already off to an incredible start, and it doesn’t seem like it’s stopping anytime soon; that makes perfect sense to us, considering our deep devotion to the book series it’s based on, The Mortal Instruments. On top of an incredible display of weaponry, scenery and, of course, plots, there’s one more element that allows for Shadowhunters to kick major butt: its cast.

Sure, each of its members are incredibly attractive — but that’s not what makes them bond like true Parabatai. No no, it’s all of their individual personalities coming together to create the perfect combination. There’s Kat McNamara‘s sweetness (and, apparently, artistic skills), Alberto Rosende‘s nerditude, Emeraude Toubia‘s sassiness, Matthew Daddario‘s brooding… and then there’s Dom Sherwood, who brings it all home with his mysterious nature — at least in terms of his character. In real life, he’s an open book!

Fortunately for you & us, we were able to crack open said book and delve into the heart of Dom and his beloved character, Jace Wayland. Here’s what he says you need to know about his chemistry with Kat, on-set injuries and how Vampire Academy helped him prepare for Shadowhunters: