The Reason Behind Sarah Hyland & Dom Sherwood’s ~Matching~ Tats, Revealed

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Dom Sherwood is a force to be reckoned with. When her first entered the YA scene, he portrayed one half of the secondary romance in 2014’s Vampire Academy. But it didn’t take long for the British hunk to be thrust into the spotlight. In 2015, he appeared as Taylor Swift‘s love interest in her popular “Style” music video, was cast as the leading man on Shadowhunters, the TV adaptation of The Mortal Instruments, plus he started dating Sarah Hyland, his VA co-star who’s very well known for her role on Modern Family. And we’re sure things will only get better for the 25-year-old in 2016. It’s only the first month of the year, and he’s the star of a new TV show!

But, before we get into the details behind the television series, can we just talk a little more about his relationship with Sarah? The couple dubbed as Woodland gave us SO MUCH LIFE last year. So, when we recently got the chance to speak with Dom, we couldn’t help but press him for info. Fortunately, rather than tell us to mind our own business, he indulged us. What a gem.

Since his character on Shadowhunters has so much ink, we asked him about one of his real-life tattoos: an arrow on his bicep, which he got the same day Sarah got her own tat… of an arrow. We know what you’re thinking — the couple, who only started dating a month prior, got MATCHING INK. We thought the same thing. But, apparently, that’s not the case.

He tells us, “There were three of us that got a different version of an arrow, but mine and Sarah’s, it’s not like a matching tattoo, and neither is it with Stephanie, who is our friend who got the third one. We’d been wanting to get a tattoo for a while and we were all in one place; Stephanie lives in Chicago and she was visiting us, we were all kind of in the mood and we came up with the idea of an arrow.”

The reason: “We like the portrait of something that can only be propelled forward by being held back, but being pulled backwards. We kind of all went and we got it done.” Wow, that’s deep.

However, just because the pair’s ink doesn’t match to a T doesn’t mean they’re not in a committed relationship. In fact, they recently adopted a dog together; a puppy named Boo:

How’s life as a pet parent? “It’s great,” says Dom. “She’s lively and she’s energetic. She takes a lot of our time. She’s got massive puppy paws right now, which she likes to wake me up with in the morning. She’s doing this new thing where she kind of puts her paw on my face when I’m asleep when she wants something, so it’s great.”

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To further add to the list of reasons why Woodland = #relationshipgoals, the two are not only fans of pranks, proving their senses of humor, but they surprise each other whenever they can. Remember when Sarah surprised him on the set of his Freeform show? His reaction is what dreams are made of:

According to Dom, this is common for them, “We do quite like surprising each other. A couple months after she surprised me on set, I flew to LA to surprise her. I let myself into the house, said hello to the dogs and when she came home I was just kind of there sitting on the couch. It wasn’t quite as grand as hers, because I wasn’t sure what time she was going to be back or when she was going to be there, so by the time I had been in the house for an hour, I got into my sweats and I was like, ‘Oh hey, yeah I’m here.’ But it’s so wonderful, especially when you’re working so hard just to have someone who loves you come and visit you is really special.”

God, guys, you’re making us blush!

Stay tuned for more details from Dom — he talks Shadowhunters!

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Original reporting done by Johnni Macke.

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