Dom Sherwood Defends Sarah Hyland from Shadowhunters Fans After Breakup

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The world was stunned to learn that, after two years of dating, Sarah Hyland & Dom Sherwood broke up this summer. What went wrong? No one can say for sure, especially since the 27-year-old British actor sung the 26-year-old actress’ praises before she guest-starred on his Freeform drama, Shadowhunters, not too long before news of their split made headlines.

Whatever the case may be, most fans have been supportive of the two celebrities, regardless of what may’ve happened in their personal & romantic lives. That is, until quite recently, when one of the Modern Family star’s comments was perceived as shady by Shadowhunters fanatics.

It all started when Alisha Wainwright, who appears as Maia Roberts on the Mortal Instruments-inspired television show, posted the following picture of herself wearing clear glasses on Instagram, alongside series star Kat McNamara:

Soon after, Sarah allegedly posted (then deleted) this note:

Twitter (@Sarah_Hyland)

And posted a video of her wearing similar specs on her Instagram story:

Instagram (@therealsarahhyland)

So, fans took those remarks to be digs at Alisha, who once played Dom’s love interest on Shadowhunters:

Sarah was quick to address the situation, deleting the note and saying:

She also retweeted:

Guess the Twitter notifications must’ve gotten to be too much ’cause Dom chimed in as well, defending his ex-girlfriend on his personal Instagram:

A post shared by Dom Sherwood (@domsherwood) on

To which Sarah responded with a series of emojis:

dom sherwood defends sarah hyland

Instagram (@domsherwood)

So, despite calling it quits, it seems like the former loves still have each other’s backs. And for that, we’ll forever look back on #Woodland fondly.