Dolan Twins Return to YouTube After Taking Month-Long Break

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They’re baaaaaack! It was more than a month ago that Ethan and Grayson Dolan, better known as the Dolan Twins online, announced that they’d be taking an indefinite break from posting videos on YouTube because they were feeling “stuck creatively.”

Ethan explained, “There’s a couple of things we need to take care of in our lives beyond YouTube, in order to kind of free ourselves from this sticky situation. […] We’ve been running away from the fact that YouTube is kind of becoming a job and losing its spark for us. Creating videos and everything just doesn’t have its magic that it used to.”

Well, the 18-year-olds did what they had to do during their hiatus, because they’re now back on YT and better than ever.

Tomorrow, we return YouTube.com/TheDolanTwins

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“We’re happy again,” ED says in the twins’ latest vid titled ‘WE’RE BACK!’ “We found what we’re passionate about and we’re f*kin thrilled about it.”

Grayson continues, “From now on, we’re making videos that we’re interested in, and we think you guys are going to like it. Thank you guys again for sticking with us.”

Ethan and Grayson have a new logo, new set to film on, new profile pictures, new merch, new house and SO much more, so it’s safe to say the latest Dolan Twins era is going to be the best one yet.