15 of the Dirtiest Fanfictions About The Dolan Twins You’ll Ever Read

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YouTube (Dolan Twins)

Sometimes knowing that we can’t actually date the celebs we’ve been crushing on from afar is physically painful. Like the fact that Dylan O’Brien and Britt Robertson are still an item and have been for almost seven years? Totally unfair — where was our chance? But as much as we’d like to be one of the lucky few “normal people” who have managed to go from no-list to A-list due to a chance meeting, the odds of that happening are pretty low.

So thank God for fanfiction. While some hate on it, making up stories about real people isn’t just fun, it’s an outlet. What else are we going to do with all of these feelings? In our opinion, the best way to fix an unrequited love story is to write a new ending yourself. That’s what these authors did when they typed up their Ethan and Grayson Dolan fantasies. The crazy thing is, while each one of these excerpts features the same set of YouTubing twins, the similarities stop there. Everyone has a unique perception of the brothers — not to mention a unique vision of their future together.