Another One of Your Favorite YouTube Stars Has Just Come Out as Bisexual

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While YouTube star Vanessa Martinez’s recent coming-out video was emotional and pretty heartbreaking, Dodie Clark made hers quick and casual.

“It has just occurred to me that I don’t think I’ve said I’m bisexual online, so… here we are,” she opened.

Even though the singer has previously said she “didn’t really like to label” her sexuality, she finally feels comfortable using the bisexual ‘label’ because she’s “romantically and sexually attracted to both men and women,” a revelation that “definitely happened over a few years.”

“I went to a school in a place where using the terms lesbian, gay, transsexual were terms that were thrown away by people, including myself, to mean gross and weird, or lame… so I never spoke about my girl crushes in any serious capacity to anyone until I was around 17 and I got drunk for the first time.”

The 21-year-old musician kissed a bunch of women on that occasion, and “didn’t understand” how people thought kissing girls was “gross,” because to her it felt really good.

Although this “I’m bisexual WOO” video is the first time Dodie has officially come out, many people suspected she liked females after she released a song called “She” back in 2014. As it turns out, the tune was written about someone she was pretty close to IRL.

“I also had a very low-key crush on one of my friends in my friendship group, but there was nothing I could and nothing I can do; that’s the girl who “She” was written about.”

Unlike Vanessa, Dodie has fortunately gotten mostly positive and supportive reactions from her friends and family after coming out. You go girl!


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