Apparently, the DNCE Members are All Too Familiar with Kissing Strangers IRL

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Although DNCE‘s first studio album, the self-titled DNCE, only debuted in November 2016, it’s been a while since the group dropped one of its hit singles. “Cake by the Ocean” hit the airwaves for the first time in September 2015, “Toothbrush” dropped in May 2016 and “Body Moves” was released in September 2016 — that means it’s been over half a year since the foursome’s last single!

Thankfully, the Joe Jonas-led quartet isn’t making fans wait any longer — along with Nicki Minaj, the band unleashed a brand-spanking-new jam available rightthissecond! Listen here:

In case you couldn’t tell from the lyrics, the tune is called “Kissing Strangers.” And, courtesy of everyone’s favorite chocolate candy, M&M’s, we got to talk to the band all about it.

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Before Joe Jonas, Jinjoo Lee, Cole Whittle and Jack Lawless hit the stage at Brooklyn Bowl for M&M’s Spotlight concert series — DNCE actually kicked off the first one! — we got the chance to savor the precious treats along with the group (FYI, Joe’s favorite is Peanut Butter M&M’s), while talking about the performance, as well as “Kissing Strangers.”

“We love doing shows like this,” Joe explained. “And what better city than Brooklyn?”

As for the single, “It’s our first bit of music since our album came out, and we didn’t wanna really go back with anything that was originally on the album, ’cause we’ve been really excited about the new stuff we’ve been creating, and evolving as a band and we’re just thrilled to be able to release it and see the reaction.”

Prior to the song’s release, the response was already insane. On April 10, DNCE tweeted a phone number to call to get a sampling of what was to come — and the guys got over 20 thousand responses by the time we caught up with ’em two days later!

“Some of ’em we give love advice in our own funny ways,” Joe said. Some fans even left messages ranging from a simple “hi” to talking about what they ate that day.

“They’re supportive of us and each other,” Cole said of their fans. “I think kind of the overall feeling of our band is be yourself, and don’t think about what people think of you or what you should be. Be yourself — and I think our fans are really following our lead on that and taking it in stride.”

With a new tune out, some have questioned whether or not this means a new album is in the works as well… but don’t get your hopes up. “We don’t really have a plan yet,” Joe explained. “We’re just touring quite a bit, and we’re just writing and creating as we travel. It may become an album, it may just be this one song for a while. We’ll see what happens.”

Of course, we couldn’t let them get away without asking a very serious question: Since the song is called “Kissing Strangers,” have the group members kissed strangers before (and not in a music video setting)? And the answer is yes to all.

“Quite often,” said Cole.

“Probably, yes,” Joe admitted. “Everybody’s a stranger before you kiss them. That’s one way to look at it, right?”

“I, one time, went to the zoo and kissed a kangaroo,” added Jinjoo.

Still not done squeeing over the band? Watch the group’s cover of “Wannabe” from the Spice Girls:

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