Say What?! DJ Pauly D is a Not-So-Closeted Belieber

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If we were to pick one Jersey Shore cast member who we’d assume to be a Belieber, we’d pickSnooki, probably because Snooks and Biebs are both around the same size and both have hairdos that are almost more famous than they are. So when DJ Pauly D was instead the one to confess his love for the Biebs? Complete and utter shock.

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So why exactly is Pauly D a JB fan?

Pauly D said:

“I’m a huge Justin Bieber fan. I’m a “Belieber.” Sometimes I’ll drop his track. If I’m doing a Sweet Sixteen, I go crazy and play all his tracks. Sometimes I’ll slip one in and look back at my crew. They give me a hard time about it. I was actually him for Halloween. I put my hair all down in the front and rocked it.

Whose hair is better — Bieber’s or Pauly D’s? Tell us what you think!