9 Easy Couples Costume Ideas All YA Book Lovers Need to Try at Least Once

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Halloween can be a great time to round up your squad and dress up. 2015’s best animated movies and top music videos offer a bunch of awesome ideas that could work wonders for you and your BFFs. But, apart from group costumes, as well as solo outfits, there’s the other popular ensemble: the couples costume.

While there are plenty of Pixar films to gather inspiration from, we have alternatives that are PERFECT for YA book lovers, near and far. You already figured out which YA heroine fits your personality best for All Hallow’s Eve, but what if you want to be a part of a pair? With next year’s release of The 5th Wave, you can be sure to expect a bunch of Cassie Sullivans and Evan Walkers walking around on October 31, 2016. This year, though, it’s all about paying homage to already-released YA books-turned-flicks: