Stuff We <3 To DIY For Your Valentine!

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With Valentine’s Day just around the corner (it’s exactly one week away!), we’re feeling a little crafty. So we gathered a bunch of super cute DIY ideas for cards and little gifts for your boyf, BFF, parents, pet… basically whoever you love. These projects are really adorable and idiot-proof for the not-so-artsy peeps (like us). This is probably the most sentimental and most fun way to show your peeps you love ’em…

1. Message in a Bottle – A lovey-dovey spin on this classic idea is super fun for a special-someone. We wouldn’t mind getting one of these from a cutie, maybe like Ryan Gosling?! MAKE ONE HERE!

2. Cute Coupons – Okay, we know you might not want to play video games with your guy, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do! These homemade little promises are so easy and fun and you could even throw in a few for yourself. Like, “One ticket for a Twilight viewing party”. BUY HERE

3. “We go together like” – These cards are like, the.cutest.thing.ever. Right?! Personalize yours to say whatever you’d like. We go together like… Kim and Kris Justin & Selena?! BUY HERE

4. I Dig You – Obvi, we all have a sweet tooth on Valentine’s Day, and this is such an adorable way to give your love a few sweets and tell ’em you dig ’em at the same time. LOOK HERE

5. Love Collage – Make a collage in any shape to share all your memories with your lovey! Pics, words, lyrics, the more the merrier. MAKE ONE HERE

6. Candy-Flys – Don’t these little cuties remind you of those Valentines that were left in your cubby in second grade? Ah, the memories. MAKE ONE HERE

7.That’s What I Like About You – You love your guy/mom/BFF, right? Well tell them why! Everyone likes compliments, FYI. BUY HERE

8. I Love You More Than…– Make this one creative! Like “I love you more than…Justin Bieber”! Okay, that might be taking it a bit too far, but you get the point. GET INSPIRED HERE

Are you into DIY gifts? Do you think you’re gonna try any of these Valentines out on your Valentine? Have any special Valentine’s Day plans? Share it with us right here in the comments!

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