20 Creative DIY Ugly Christmas Sweaters for Couples

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As you probably already noticed, ugly Christmas sweaters are a ~thing~. Whether you’re heading to an ugly Christmas sweater party or you just want to get festive for the holidays, something bright, bold and full of tacky goodness can really get you into the Christmas spirit. If you’ve ever tried to buy one of these purposely ugly sweaters, then you might have noticed that they are CRAZY expensive. Like, who wants to spend that much on a purposely ugly shirt that they will wear once or twice? No one, probably. So, your best bet is to make your own, which is honestly better because then it gets more creative and unique. And why do it alone? Enlist your bae or your best friend, and do an ugly couples Christmas sweater pair.

Doing a Christmas sweater pair with someone can really amp up your ugly sweater game. You have more room to depict what you want, you get more into puns and you have someone by your side the whole night (or day). Some of these are funny, some are totally corny, some are just pretty inappropriate, but all of them are tacky AF and will put you in the most festive mood ever. Here are some DIY ugly Christmas sweaters for couples that you’ll never be able to forget:

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