This Woman Made a Gorgeous $4 Prom Dress and We Can’t Believe Our Eyes

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If you’re in high school, you’re well aware of the fact that prom is just around the corner, and hopefully, if you’re planning on going, you already know what you’ll be wearing to the event. Fortunately, though, if you’re scrambling to find a dress, you may feel inspired to create a super affordable one on your own thanks to 24-year-old blogger Amber Scholl.

Although she’s no longer in high school, that didn’t stop Amber from trying something new and creating her own gorgeous, floor-length DIY prom dress. After she found a plain LBD for as little as $4 at Goodwill, she considered it a blank canvas and began creating her masterpiece. So, what did she use to turn the dress from drab to fab? Oh, just your typical craft supplies totaling a little over $100, including feathers, glue, some crystals, and, of course, a needle and thread. And voilà… look how incredible it turned out!

Clearly, Amber is seriously talented and has proven to us all that you definitely don’t need to break the bank in order to have a kick-a** prom dress. She even told Yahoo, “There’s no reason prom and life in general can’t be made fabulous on any budget.” TBH, we couldn’t agree more, but something tells us that creating a fabulous dress like hers wouldn’t come as naturally to, well, most of us. It also seems like many people would agree because while Amber makes it look easy, people on Twitter are freaking TF out over what she created. See?

Obvs, we’re not the only ones who are completely shook by Amber and her $4 DIY prom gown, and if you’re feeling so inspired that you want to try it for yourself, she was kind enough to provide a video showing exactly how she did it on her YouTube channel:

Well, what are you waiting for? It’s time to make a trip to the thrift store… NOW.