10 Incredible DIY Face Masks That’ll Help Combat Oily Skin

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Over being oily? Yeah, we thought so. There’s nothing fun about seeing a shiny face every single time you look in the mirror no matter how regularly you’ve been blotting. Sure, the fresh, dewy look might be really in right now, but there is such a thing as too much shine. Besides sometimes looking just plain greasy, it can lead to all kinds of acne flare-ups — thanks, but no thanks.

So if you’re riding the line between being subtly shiny and overtly oily, it sounds like it’s time to hit the grocery store. With a few choice ingredients, you can whip up your very own sheen-saving face mask. Maybe you’re a clay mask kinda girl or maybe oatmeal’s more up your alley, but you’ll never know until you try. The DIY options in this department are endless, so keep at it until you find the mixture that works best for your skin!