The Best Mustache Merch on Etsy!

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The Jenner sisters, Miley Cyrus and Victoria Justice have all hopped on the mustache trend so we figured we’d try it out too. These little things we found on our fave DIY site, Etsy, are absolute must haves for parties, and hey, they totally work as conversation starters and make pretty sweet Instagram pics. But in any case, get stachin’…

Mustache purse – Because after all, you mustache your stuff somewhere. Get it?! BUY HERE!

Mustache Coffee Mug– This guy is neon, which is totes in these days, and it’s got our favorite hairy accessory right on it! BUY HERE!

Mustache Ring – Ya got one on your face already, so you need one on your hands, too. Duh. BUY HERE!

Mustaches on Cats Pins – We. Love. Cats.  Just when we thought mustaches on humans we’re the best thing ever, we saw cats with ’em – winning pinning! BUY HERE!

Mustache Pops- Since the fancy facial hair comes in all shapes and sizes, these pops let us switch it up, depending on our stache mood. BUY HERE!

Mustache iPod Dock – The has gotta be the sweetest stache find yet. Play your tunes right out of your stache speakers. How freakin’ awesome?! BUY HERE!

Mustache Necklace– Got a mustache hangin’ from your neckalace-ace-ace. Ke$ha totally digs facial hair too.BUY HERE!

Mustache Poster – “Keep Calm And Stache On”…need we say more? BUY HERE!

Are you diggin’ the mustache deal? Do you think it’s funny or too weird? Have any other wacky trends you’re into?

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