10 Easy DIY iPhone Cases That’ll Make All Your Friends Jealous

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Phone-case envy — ever heard of it? It’s a real thing and we’ve all been there. Whether your bestie suddenly shows up to school with a bedazzled iPhone 7 cover, or you pass a girl on the street making a call from the most glam cellphone you’ve ever seen, life can be tough when you’re pulling a boring cellular device from your pocket time and time again. So how would you like to be the texter making everyone jealous?

We know, we know, you would if you could, but cute cases are V expensive. And that’s just on their own — ordering them online and paying for shipping is an entirely different story. That’s why we aren’t telling you to buy; we’re telling you to DIY! Heading to the craft store instead of Etsy will cut costs but, even better, making your own guarantees that you won’t spot any copycat cases. So what are you waiting for? Track down a roll of tape, grab a tube of glitter, or pick up some polish. It’s time to make the case you’ve always wanted.

1. Get to pressin’ if you want this adorbs floral case.

2. There’s no end to what you can do with clear iPhone cases and old maps.

3. It’s time to put all those makeup sponges and nail polish bottles to good use.

4. Who doesn’t love a good herringbone design? And all you need is tape!

5. This watermelon case is too cute — and too easy not to try.

6. Fan out crystals for a super glam phone case.

7. With rainbow buttons and a clear case, it looks like ombre isn’t just for your hair.

8. It doesn’t get any easier than a clear case and your fave printouts.

9. Track down a little tape and a lot of spraypaint for the phone case of your dreams.

10. Feelin’ a little ~spooky~? Go for a design inspired by Halloween!