The 9 Struggles of DIYing Your Halloween Costume

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Sure, you could buy your Halloween costume from the store, like most people will. Or you could whip out that creativity of yours and DIY one. Just know, though, that if you do choose to make one, you’re in for a world of struggle. These specific ones, actually:

1. Picking something that’s creative, but not too creative. You’re working with limited everything, here.


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2. Having to explain what you are the whole night. *rolls eyes indefinitely*

3. Being asked, “Where’d you buy that?” all night. “I DIDN’T. That’s the point!”


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4. Being asked, “Last-minute, eh?” all night. Maybe it was. But consider this: So what?!


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5. Getting alll of the supplies. Which sometimes costs more than a store-bought costume would have, anyway.

6. The mess! Sometimes things can get out of control. You’d better gather your newspaper and hold on tight.

7. The time commitment. However long you think it’s going to take, you’re guessing too low.

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8. Going into things way too ambitiously. In your mind, your art skills rival Picasso; but in real life, not so much.

9. Getting weird looks from people who think you’re way too into the holiday. #SorryNotSorry

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