9 Natural DIY Hacks to Lighten Your Hair This Summer Without Using Any Bleach

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No matter how much you love the hair you were born with, it’s natural for you to want to change it up every now and then. Whether you’re brunette or blonde already, summer always seems to give people the urge to lighten things up a little bit.

But if you’ve ever lightened your hair before, or even watched someone go to the lighter side, you know just how damaging bleach (the main ingredient in the lightening process) can be. Split ends, dry strands — is becoming a real-life Ashley Benson really even worth it? EH…

Luckily, some people have figured out ways to NATURALLY lighten their hair using products that are easily accessible to everyone and don’t contain any harsh chemicals.

DISCLAIMER: Please ask your parents before trying any of these hacks, as everyone’s hair is different and results cannot be guaranteed.

1. Everyone knows the lemon juice trick, but if you take it a step further from pouring the liquid into your hair you can get an amazing result:

2. But while lemon is one product that has natural lightening properties, others do, too! Click here for the recipe for this ULTIMATE lightening spray:

3. If you’re not in the mood to be too fancy, however, you can simply combine lemon juice and water to make an easy hair-lightener:

4. You may think brunettes can’t lighten their hair without the use of bleach — wrong! Yes, they need a little extra oomph than natural blondes, but it’s definitely possible! See?

5. Crushed-up Vitamin C tablets mixed with water is a hack to remove any screwed-up hair color, but it can also be used to alter your natural shade, too.

6. Here’s a breakdown of all the products you probably already have in your kitchen that can lighten your hair:

7. Trying to lighten your hair naturally can definitely be drying; counter that by adding some conditioner to your concoction!

8. A mixture of honey and cinnamon can take your almost-black hair down one to two shades. Find the recipe here:

9. Don’t have time to go in the sun but still want to try to lighten your hair? Putting a plastic bag over your head while the mixture is on will help conduct heat and start the lightening process:

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