9 Ways You Can Get Freckles (Without Damaging Your Skin) This Summer

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So you want that sunkissed, makeup-free, summery look that usually is easily achieved by people who were blessed with natural freckles…but you also don’t want to risk getting a wicked sunburn, because that could lead to all sorts of health problems, INCLUDING SKIN CANCER. Don’t skip the sunscreen this season — we’re here to show you how to achieve that freckle-y look you desire with no UV exposure at all!

Most of the below hacks to get DIY ~freckles~ can be accomplished using whatever makeup you have lying around, and lots of them are super easy to do yourself. So look no further for that summery complexion that you’ve been too scared to attempt naturally —- we’ve got you covered!

Please note: We know the subject of fake freckles has caused a lot of controversy in the past, and we’re not trying to stir up any drama here. If you have natural beauty marks on your skin — GREAT!! If you don’t — also great! Everyone is beautiful NMW, but it’s sometimes fun to play around. Got it? Good. Let’s move on…

So, just to be clear, here’s what you want…

…and here’s what you don’t want.

So let’s talk about how you can make ’em yourself!

Method 1: Brush-flicking — This method is guaranteed to give you a random, scattered effect, which will make the dots appear more natural.

Method 2: Gel eyeliner — Gel eyeliner is usually waterproof, so the freckles will be guaranteed to last all day.

Method 3: Temporary tattoos! #TBT — Want a cool result with minimal work? This is the process for you! Click the link below to buy.

Method 4: Eyebrow pencil — You probably already have an eyebrow pencil laying around, so use it to mark up your cheeks once you’re down filling in your brows.

Method 5: Liquid lipstick (for rainbow freckles!) — Not all DIY freckles have to be natural looking! Whip our your favorite liquid lipsticks and go ham on your face to create a super-cool rainbow look.

Method 6: Glitter eyeliner (for sparkly freckles!) — Going to a festival soon? You NEED to try this!!

Method 7: Henna freckles — This tutorial should be saved for those who are pretty confident in their abilities, because Henna temporarily dyes skin. Basically, if you mess up, it will NOT be pretty. If you’re feeling daring, however, you can click the link to watch the how-to video below!

Method 8: Color pigment/glitter chunks — Head to an art supply store and pick out cool pigments, glitters, or even fun shapes like stars and glue those bad boys to your face using eyelash glue for this fun effect.

Method 9: Actual tattoos (hurts a little, but stays for a year! — Remember how we said Henna was only for brave people? THIS makes that look like a piece of cake. But hey…if you REALLY love the look of freckles, it might be an option.

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