13 Easy Tutorials on How to Make Your Own Edible Pokemon Pokeballs

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Even before Pokémon GO completely took over the world, people were OB-SESSED with Pokémon. That being said, simply watching the animated classic on television, or playing it on a gaming console isn’t enough for those who LIVE for fantastical world — they also have to eat it!

No, nobody has started to go cannibal on the DVDs, but instead figure out ways to turn some of your favorite foods into ADORABLE edible pokeballs that taste just as good as they look. Ready to impress your friends? Follow the below guides and you’ll be a Top Chef-level Pokemon master in no time at all!

1. What could make a pepperoni pizza better? Turing it into a pokeball, of course!

2. Follow these steps to make adorable cupcakes that would totally catch your fave Pokemon.

3. Chocolate-covered Oreos are DELICIOUS and super easy to make:

4. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can follow these steps to make edible pokeballs that have a surprise inside!

5. Still confused? Watch this video tutorial and you might be in a better position:

6. Only TRUE Pokemon fans will fully appreciate these great ball cookies:

7. Who says pokeballs have to be round? Put a spin on the Pokemon classic by making delicious fudge ‘sandwiches.’ Recipe here:

8. If you want to have quick ‘pokeballs,’ simply decorate vanilla-frosted doughnuts with some red sprinkles and chocolate icing:

9. Showing up to a party with these bad boys will make you the star of the night:

10. You can turn your favorite cookie (sugar is preferred, though) into adorbs pokeballs by following these simple steps and becoming a frosting ~master~:

11. Instead of using red icing to make the top of your pokeball, use strawberries!

12. Switch up this classic by molding Rice Crispy treats into circles, adding some red icing and melted chocolate:

13. Okay, so maybe a pokeball-inspired apple isn’t the most appealing thing in the world, but it sure is easy and cute!


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