16 Sweet & Adorable Treats You Need to Whip Up This Easter

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Easter is one of the yummiest holidays out there. From chocolate bunnies to rainbow Peeps to gumball eggs, the teeth-rotting opportunities are endless! But instead of heading to the grocery store to stock up on themed candy this year, we’ve got a better idea for you that’s still as delicious!

With a little help from Pinterest, we managed to round up 16 Easter treats that will blow your freaking mind! We promise. Whether they’re shaped like bunny rabbits or bird nests, all of these DIY recipes will satisfy any sweet tooth over the holidays. Not to mention, they’ll perk up any Instagram feed with their festive pastel color scheme.

Whether you’re super skilled in the kitchen or you depend on your microwave for anything and everything, there’s something on this list for you! All levels of expertise are welcome here, trust us. So get started because the sooner you start cooking, the sooner you can start taste-testing. And Easter is just around the corner, after all!