11 DIY Decorating Hacks That’ll Make Your Dorm Room #Goals to the Extreme

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Making sure your dorm room is as practical as possible is great and all (#ADULTING!), but it’s equally as pivotal that your home-away-from-home is cozy and chic AF. Think about it… only a small portion of your college career is actually spent in class and you’ll be seeing the inside of four walls for WAY more time than you probably even realize. That being said, you’re going to want to make sure it’s as incredible as it can be!

In addition to gaining allllll the freedom when you move into a residence hall, you also gain the ability to really express yourself and make your side of the room into whatever you want it to be. Check out these incredible hacks that’ll teach you have to create DIY goodies to decorate your dorm without spending a ton of money!

1. There’s not a ton of room for decorating in a dorm room, but having fun pillows are a great way to spice things up! Here’s how you can turn your old, boring throws into something more funky:

2. You can also completely transform a pillow by following these simple steps:

3. But the pillow fun doesn’t stop there! Use pieces of felt and some stuffing to create a unique accessory that will also double as a conversation-starter:

4. Almost everyone on your floor will probably have some form of fairy lights to bring some warmth to a usually boring dorm room. Stand out from the crow by making these ball-shaped fixtures using old Christmas lights and ping pong balls!

5. Storage is obvious a huge essential in a dorm room, so a bulky jewelry box is probably not the best option to keep your accessories in check. Instead, make a hanging jewelry “frame” to both keep everything organized and show off your faves.

6. Surprise — pillowcases are expensive! Click here to find out how you can sew your own case using any cheap fabric you like:

7. Tapestries are incredible for camouflaging boring dorm-room walls, but they pretty hard to hang without using nails. Luckily, people have found a way to make a tapestry work without falling on you in the middle of the night:

8. Throw rugs are a must, especially if your dorm floor is made of freezing tile, but they can cost you a pretty penny. Instead of spending a fortune on a cute rug from Home Goods, you can make your own using a rug grip and some loose scraps of fabric!

9. And going with the no-sew theme, here’s how you can make a cozy blanket without any thread whatsoever:

10. Going back to the whole ‘no storage’ thing, shelves are a luxury in most dorm rooms. Walk in and don’t see many places where you can place your things? Make your own!

11. Any girl is going to want AT LEAST one mirror in her dorm room, but NGL, most of them are pretty boring. Painting takes time and effort and buying fancy mirrors are costly. Instead, get some colorful tape and go nuts!

12. But if you’re feeling really crafty, here’s how you can turn an old egg carton into GORGEOUS cardboard flowers that can spice up a mirror, whiteboard, etc:

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