10 DIY Hacks to Make Your Own Chokers That are Def Lauren Jauregui Approved

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If you’re a Fifth Harmony fan, or simply ever looked at Lauren Jauregui’s Instagram page, you’ll know she is OB-SESSED with chokers. While the 20-year-old has been rocking the retro trend for months, even when people were judging her ~throwback style~, the accessory has become SUPER popular among peasants everyone else as of late.

But let’s be real here for a second — while choker necklaces are in again right now, they’ll most likely go out of style fairly quickly. So instead of spending tons of money to get in on the trend before it disappears, you can actually make your own! Follow along with these helpful (and super easy) guides and you’ll be just like LJ in no time at all!

1. A wrap choker is super easy to make because barely any work is required at all!

2. If you want to use a choker to dress up an outfit, try making it out of lace:

3. Glue an old earring or charm to your fabric to make your choker have a more vintage feel:

4. Wanna be a little bit different than all your friends? Try making a necklace out of rope!

5. Take it back to the ’90s with this looped classic:

6. If you’re struggling, try using a binder clip to help you out.

7. A leather-lace combo looks like it’d be hard to create, but it’s actually really simple!

8. Give a plain leather string some oomph by dipping the ends in gold paint.

9. Want to get super fancy? Add a pyrite stone to the middle of your masterpiece.

10. Add beads to a simple braid and you’ll have this bad boy in no time:

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