20 Perfect DIY Children’s Book Halloween Costumes to Try This Year

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Personally, I have always been of the belief that a book-based Halloween costume is the only good kind of costume that will ever exist. It’s instantly recognizable, serves up an appropriate amount of nostalgia and it shows that you have read at least one book in your lifetime, so you are most likely literate.

Last year, for example, I went as Eloise. (You know, from The Plaza?) It is true that nearly everyone I encountered that night automatically assumed that I was Blair Waldorf (an equally important and similarly spoiled literary character, one might argue, but not from The Plaza — from the Upper East Side), but it was a costume that brought me a not-insignificant amount of personal pleasure and also a moderate amount of success on a poorly-lit Instagram post. Anyway. There are tons and tons of cool children’s books, which means that there are tons and tons of cool costumes to be pulled from children’s books. I’ve picked the coolest ones for you right here. So, check out these perfect DIY children’s book Halloween costumes to try this year:

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