10 Bra Hacks, Tips and Tricks Every Girl Must Learn Before Prom

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Whether you have small or large breasts, finding the proper bra to wear under your prom dress can be more challenging than choosing the gown itself. Sure, some dresses come with padding that’s sufficient enough, and others cover just the right amount of skin that you can wear your own lingerie underneath, but for the most part, the cut-outs, small straps, low backs, etc., make for a very tough situation. Well, at least up until now…

1. Hide your bra straps in a racerback dress by simply pinching them together using a paper clip!

2. High neckline? Use the same technique but in the front.

3. You can make any normal bra into one that’s backless by changing the way the straps are attached.

4. Struggle with your strapless bra staying up all night? Here’s how you can secure it in place:

5. Create a longer band by attaching some elastic to the clasps of an old bra and you’ll be able to wear a dress with a low-cut back.

6. There’s nothing worse than your favorite bra becoming a torture device when the underwire pokes through. Cover that ish up with Moleskin Padding from Dr. Scholl’s

7. Don’t want to go buy moleskin? You can also cut up a pad!

8. Sometimes, showing your bra straps can add to your aesthetic. Make your boring old lingerie into something WORTH showing off by using this method:

9. Really stuck hiding your straps? Cut a bra up and sew the cups right into your dress!

10. Or, you can always do the Kim Kardashian method and tape the girls in place.

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