17 Easy DIY Body Scrubs That Give You Super Soft Skin

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Using a face mask is one of the best ways to enjoy a pampering session at home. It is even more satisfying when you whip up one with ingredients that you already have kicking around your place. If you’ve decided to enjoy a mini spay day at home, you shouldn’t just stop at the face stage. You should show your entire body some TLC. And you can do that with a DIY body scrub. These are especially great after a long summer, when the heat and sun have made your skin more dry and flakey than usual. It needs some love!

Once you start DIYing beauty products, you’re not going to want to stop. Trust me. If I say I’m going to make one thing, it quickly turns into something else. Before I know it, I have every glass and jar in my kitchen filled with some sort of homemade beauty concoction. You might think that a body scrub is complicated to make, but a lot of them require just a couple of ingredients. And the best part about them is you probably own the majority of of them. There’s no dehydrated, protein-enhanced, organic kale powder here.

Not only are DIY scrubs super easy to make, they’re also affordable. And they do as good of a job exfoliating as most of the store-bought versions. Another bonus? Using something that is fresh from your homemade beauty lab is soooo much better than using a body scrub that has been in your shower caddy for-ev-er. #gross Still don’t believe me? Try one out for yourself. Get silky soft skin with one of these easy DIY body scrubs:

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