Zoe Kravitz Says Jennifer Lawrence Encouraged Her to Star in ‘Divergent’

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As we told you guys back in May, Teen got to visit the set of Divergent in Chicago, and now we can finally reveal some of our interviews with the cast! That's right, we spent an action-packed day on set where we chatted with a majority of the cast — who were all SO awesome, BTW — and even got to watch Shailene Woodley and Theo James film a scene! In addition to that, we got to tour all over the set, see props, concept art, and much more. We have so much to share with you, but for the mean time, read below for our chat with Zoe Kravitz, aka Christina!

As you probably know, Zoe's father Lenny Kravitz is part of The Hunger Games franchise thanks to his amazing portrayal of Katniss' stylist Cinna, so did he give her any advice before she signed on to star in Divergent? Not exactly — it was actually Jennifer Lawrence who encouraged her to take on the Dauntless role. When we asked about if her dad gave her any words of wisdom, she said:

"No so much, I spoke to Jen[nifer Lawrence] more about it. She was just like, 'Do it' and was super supportive. It’s obviously changed her life quite a bit for the best, she’s killing it. It’s crazy, I never expected to be in a big franchise film. I was surprised when I did X-Men and then Mad Max and now I’m doing this. It’s really crazy for me."

How intense were your fight sequences?
It was pretty intense. It was really tiring doing it over and over again. Like I said Molly is twice my size, or Amy, so she throws me around and beats the sh-t out of me in this scene. I got a few punches in. At first they were like the fight sequence was just me being beaten and I’m like “Come on give me a few punches, please!”

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