The Video That Has Divergent Fans Pissed AF Will Def Make You Angry, Too

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We warned you months ago — Allegiant is going to be nothing like the book. But if you were still holding out hope that the third movie in the Divergent series was going to pull through for all of those who are OB-SESSED with the Veronica Roth novel, we hate to tell you this, but we think it’s time to let that go. A new trailer for the film was just released, and let’s just say, it’s almost as if we’ve never even hear of Allegiant.

The preview is titled “Tear Down The Wall,” which seems great and all…until Tris and Four start floating in bubbles, Caleb basically walks on air, and every single car start. A bit confused? We totally get it; we are, too! And clearly so are diehard Divergent fans who are BEYOND mad that this movie is seemingly going to be even further from the book than Insurgent was.

So, yeah…Initiates are not happy. And NGL, we don’t really blame them! But look on the bright side, people! Even thought the latest Allegiant trailer looks really effing weird, at least we got a Theo James shirtless shower scene!! Glass half full, y’all!

Watch the full Allegiant — “Tear Down The Wall” preview below:

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