‘Divergent’ Sequel ‘Insurgent’ Screenplay in the Works

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The green lights just keep a’coming. Hot off the news of movie adaptations of Vampire Academy and the sequel to The Mortal Instruments, another YA franchise is getting its time in the spotlight: Divergent.

While filming for the first in author Veronica Roth‘s book trilogy, starring Shailene Woodley and Theo James, is currently underway in Chicago, it’s just been confirmed that its sequel, Insurgent, will also be getting big-time treatment.

As announced by Divergent‘s official Facebook page, Screenwriter Brian Duffield’s already penning the script for the second installment. Here’s the brief synopsis: “In the thrilling sequel to Divergent, Insurgent continues the journey of Tris Prior (Woodley) as war now looms. Sides will be chosen, secrets will emerge, and Tris will risk everything as she struggles to harness her incredible power within.”

In the flick, Shailene and Theo (Four) will be joined by an array of talent, including Academy Award-winner Kate Winslet (Jeanine Matthews), Ashley Judd (Natalie Prior), Tony Goldwyn (Andrew Prior), Zoe Kravitz (Christina) and many more.

In other exciting news, the final novel in the popular series has a title: Allegiant. Get ready for the last of the books come October 22 of this year, as well as the first of the films on March 21, 2014. Who’s ready for Divergent?! Spill on your feels in the comments below, or on our Divergent message board!

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