Shailene Woodley in Final ‘Divergent’ Negotiations, Plus Movie Director Update

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Last week, we mentioned that Shailene Woodley was poised to play the main character, Tris, in the big-screen adaptation of the Divergent book series. Well, ladies and gentlemen, it is now confirmed that she is in final negotiations for the film.

As announced by the Divergent author herself, Veronica Roth, on her blog, “From the moment I heard that [Shailene] was being considered, I have been nothing but enthusiastic. My priority has always been, first and foremost, that the role of Tris be well-acted, and Shailene has proven how talented she is, as anyone who has seen The Descendants can attest. And physically, what’s most important to me, far and away more important than other aspects of her appearance, is that Tris does not look like an action hero — she looks like a slight person with youthful, delicate features, someone who shocks you with how strong and capable she becomes. To me, that is exactly the look Shailene has…”

Also confirmed: Divergent has a director! Neil Burger, who worked with Bradley Cooper on Limitless, will bring the franchise’s first story to life come March 2014. Veronica says, “I got the opportunity to speak with [Neil] on the phone. I was nervous beforehand — handing over your work for someone else to interpret is always nerve-wracking, and I wasn’t sure what to expect. But by the time I hung up — an hour and a half later! — I felt very reassured. Neil knew the books remarkably well, and asked some amazing questions about the world and the story, and generally demonstrated tremendous respect for the books and for my answers.”

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