Which of These Actors Should Be Cast in the ‘Divergent’ Movie? Vote!

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Teen.com readers already made their choice as to who should play Four in the Divergent movie adaptation. But it looks like Summit’s really starting to crack down on casting as, according to Deadline, four actors were brought in yesterday for “chemistry” readings with the star who’s tapped to play Tris, Shailene Woodley.

From top left: Luke Bracey (Monte Carlo), Brenton ThwaitesLucas Till (X-Men: First Class, Hannah Montana: The Movie) and Jack Reynor.

NOTE: It’s not definitive as to whether each of these guys read for the part of her love interest or another character, but if you had to choose one to star opposite Shailene, who would you pick? Vote in the poll below, then tell us your personal casting choices in the comments or on our Divergent message board!

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